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    Updated On: Mar 17, 2020

    Coronavirus Bulletin

    The facilities for The Portland Healing Rooms have been closed until at least April 1st. The biggest question that remains has been:  "Shall we continue to meet?"  

    The President of the United States and his advisors have recommended we not go to restaurants and food courts unless absolutely necessary, and limit our gatherings even in our home to under 10 to stop the spread of this virus.


    1. We are healing rooms and want to be available to pray. We are well aware of the viruses that died on John G Lake's hands. We are also aware that no contagious diseases were ever allowed in the "Healing Homes" of John Dowie and others before him.

    2. We have been in communion with the Lord about this and the first impression we have is to be in submission to the governing authorities as it says in Romans 13:1-7 &  1 Peter 2:13-17. We should listen and respect them. 

    Therefore The Portland Healing Rooms will be closed (in both locations) till April 7, 2020.

    While we are following guidelines for meeting together we don’t want anyone to think we are sitting back and no longer praying with aggressive prayer against the enemy. We believe this virus is of the devil and not sent from our Father God. 

    We encourage any who read this to have zero tolerance for the enemy. We are not meeting together for the month of March because we have zero tolerance for the enemy and we are praying with a zero-tolerance. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and He dwells in us. We pray as sons and daughters of God. Therefore let us agree together with God to cast this enemy out of our nation and crush it under our feet. Psalms 91 is a good scripture to be meditating on at this time. 

    We pray also for wisdom and protection for POTUS and his team. God Bless You 

    Vicki Anderson, Director
    The Portland Healing Rooms

    Help stop coronavirus

    1. HANDS. Wash them often
    2. ELBOW. Cough into it
    3. FACE. Don't touch it
    4. FEET. Stay more than 3 feet apart
    5. FEEL Sick? Stay home

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