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  • June 05, 2023
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    PHOTO: The original Healing Rooms in Portland that John G. Lake started were located on the third floor of "The Little Building“ in 1926. The present day Portland Healing Rooms began there on the third floor of the “Little Building” in the fall of 1999 and continued there the first couple years of the ministry.


    Before the present Portland Healing Rooms began there were many pastors and intercessors that were praying and expecting a great break through in the area of healing and miracles. Ron and Vicki Anderson were leading a small intercessory and training ministry on Tuesday evenings in City Bible Church praying for the sick. In the spring of 1999 we began praying about launching the healing rooms outside the four walls of the church after oil appeared on Ron’s shoe in full sight of everyone at a gathering on Mount Tabor. The purpose of the city prayer gathering was to hear about John Lake’s ministry and see his home beside the park. After this sign Ron gathered a team of about 120 intercessors to pray for three months for wisdom and favor and in the fall of 1999 we launched this kingdom ministry with people from all denominations who had a call and desire to pray for the sick. Our first location was in the original site of the John Lake Healing Room on the third floor of the Little Building downtown, on the corner of 4th and Morrison St. We began the training in the fall and opened the Rooms to the public in January 2000. We began praying for people who mysteriously (by word of mouth) found us as we had no advertisements. There was a great deal of excitement surrounding the Healing Rooms movement at that time. We have seen miraculous healing and deliverance and many unusual “signs and wonders” in the rooms through out the years we have been open. (see testimonies page) At present we have an average of 7or 8 physically healed every time our doors are open for prayer. We are open two times every week and we have on average approximately 25 team members praying for the needs and around 20 visitors coming to receive prayer weekly.

    We lost Ron to cancer of the bone marrow in September 2001 and Vicki, his wife continued the vision. She had planned to press in with the same violence she and Ron had exerted when they were fighting for his life until the Lord would bring someone more qualified who could carry it on further. However the Lord had different plans when the following Dec. 31, 2001 in a New Years Eve meeting a prophet from Bill Hamon’s ministry called her out of the congregation and prophesied over her very clearly that God would not accept her resignation! So even though she would never in her “wildest imaginations” have considered doing a healing ministry, she has enthusiastically and faithfully carried on the vision and ministry with a call of her own.

    Our Team

    Vicki Anderson has served the body of Christ for over 30 years as a Pastor’s wife and Elder. She has studied in-depth New Testament Healing Ministries through out the ages along with assembling a massive and impressive library of books, tapes, and videos on the subject of Divine Healing today. After going to University of Oregon she went to Portland Bible College with her husband, Ron, in the 70s. She does preaching and training around the world activating teams within the churches to minister in healing and prophetic and evangelism. She works with people in every denomination to bring their team into a deeper level of faith and understanding of healing both physically and emotionally as well as deliverance from influences that hinder them from receiving all God has for them.

    Feb 39, 2016
    Mission Statement: We are called to manifest the love and power of God to needy people through personal ministry using the gifts of the Holy Spirit to bring them to freedom and wholeness. We are called to manifest the love and power of God to needy people through personal ministry using the gifts of the Holy Spirit to bring them to freedom and wholeness.
    Feb 39, 2016
    Opportunities for joining Portland Healing Rooms Our next training will be coming soon We just finished a training recently. To take the class to become a part of the intercession team to pray for the sick send us an email at portlandhealingrooms@gmail.com and let us know you want to join or visit us on Monday night.

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