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  • June 05, 2023
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    Feb 08, 2016

    Reflections May Monday, May 31, 2010

    Joan was healed of a frozen rotater cuff that was in a lot of pain. After prayer the swelling in her arm went immediately down and the freedom of her rotator cuff was back.She broke out laughing and rejoicing. Her pain in her legs was almost entirely gone. Her knees are much better and she immediately began walking. Arthritis pain is gone after many years of non stop pain she had bone on bone pain and felt it was cushioned after prayer. Marilyn left with out pain. Meg came from Ireland to visit us and received prayer for her neck and joint pain. She left without pain. Robin was blessed and filled with the Holy Spirit. A young man from Kansas City came to recieve prayer by appointment on Saturday morning. He was baptized in the Holy Spirit and received deliverance. Jean received ministry and healing of emotional issues from a vacation where one of her friends died. chest pains were relieved. Megan received prayer about witchcraft and recieved healing. Dave’s lungs were refreshed and oppression gone. Enlarged liver received an impartation of heat. He felt inebriated in the Holy Spirit and we believe received healing. Michelle came to healing rooms with a request for healing of fibromyelgia. She has had it for over four years and she could not escape the pain. She was also dealing with a serious problem with sciatica and the pain shooting across the lower back and down the leg for 12 years. Then she had bone spurs in the shoulders. When she moved them you could hear the grinding and popping, and see the pain on her face. She also had an intense headache. The medication the doctors gave her didn’t work so she tried alcohol and that dulled the pain but then she started to become an alcoholic. She went to every healing service she could find searching for healing ministries to try to get relief. When she came she had enough faith to come but really didn’t expect too much. She was hoping for help but by now felt nothing would help. We prayed and she felt a little relief. Prayed again and hope started to increase. We came against shame and guilt with serious agression (around the alcohol) and her headache was instantly gone. Prayed for the Father’s love to come on her and then prayed for her arms and bone spurs. They were healed and she could move her arms freely without pain or grinding and cracking noise. We came against the stronghold of her family that God is not good. Then we prayed for a deeper understanding of the love of God for her. We cast off figromyelgia and the pain left prayed for all the tears and worries and fears would be taken away and imparted Holy Spirit on her to fill her up. She felt lighter and was rejoicing. We commanded alcoholism to go and emotional wounds to be healed and for her to be comforted by the Holy Spirit. She left with no pain. Tammy requested prayer at the conference for her back that has been in constant pain for many years and for her vision that has been double since her car accident years ago. Her neck was instantly healed and her back has no more pain. She testifies that after receiving prayer for her eyes her double vision is gone and blurry vision healed also. Her mother noticed that for the first time she was walking on her feet like normal and not on her toes. She has walked on her toes ever since the accident and is constantly falling and injuring herself. She also was no longer limping from her leg being 1 1/2 inch shorter than the other. The leg grew out and it is adjusted so she doesn’t limp! She testified at her church about it and is still rejoicing. “I have had chronic headaches everyday for at least 20 years. Some times they’ve been mild but usually worse. I believe they were caused by injuries, a stressful job, and heredity. I’ve been tested and treated by a prominent neurologist, a fine chiropractor, an acupuncturist, MD, several physical therapists, and a first rate psychiatrist. They have all helped for a short period of time. I have prayed to God for help when I was really suffering. But, I never considered asking Him to heal the whole problem. I have been so used to the pain, to taking a variety of pills, and being limited by this problem, I didn’t think it was possible. I have had to take pain pills in order to work. I cannot tell you exactly when but bince I’ve been coming to Portland Healing Rooms one day I realized, “I don’t have a headache!!This is major!!!” I am saying they are gone! Now I will begin to cut back slowly off of pain pills, which never totally worked, but took the edge off of the sharp pain. I will still avoid triggers that have given me headaches. Although my doctor says that the cause usually isn’t what you think it is. And who knows, maybe the rest of the problem will be healed. This magnifies my love for our Lord in a new and great way. HE DOES HEAR OUR PRAYERS and HE DOES ANSWER THEM AND HE LOVES US IMMENSELY! Thank you once again for your help. Thank you for your belief in a healing God, and for your prayers. I have a lot more to learn and I have a reverent thrill about the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I have always knew healing help was there. I just never expected it to be for me.” M. D. Clever says, “Last year I recived a prophetic word that I was going to experience a jubilee. Last week I had a dream that I was receiving deliverance ministry for fear at the Portland Healing Rooms. I came the next Tuesday and it was revealed that a spirit of fear had had come upon me at the age of 8years old - exactly 50 years from the time of the prophetic word and exactly at the time I had a tramatic event in my life. It was cast out and I have had a noticeable increase of inner peace ever since. Thank You!! For 21 years I have had a trachiotomy from a car accident in order to breathe. God did His work and that allowed the track to be removed and now I can breath freely and I can swim and am working on getting in shape and organizing my life in every area. So God can do miracles. I’m believing for so much more now. Young man healed and delivered from depression and suicidal thoughts by the power of the true and living God. Constant pain instantly gone. Neuropathy pain gone from Loree. Unconfirmed healing of liver but believing for Doctors confirmation of a new liver.

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