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  • June 05, 2023
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    Feb 08, 2016

    Reflections Feb 2010

    Sunday, February 28, 2010

    A woman came with a headache but asked the team to pray for her smoking addiction. She didn’t believe anything could help for her head ache and her lungs. The team had a word of knowledge about her back so they began to pray that her back and spine would align. As they did this her headache left. Then they prayed for her lungs and the power of God knocked her back three times as they prayed. Her lungs were clear and she could take a deep breath like she hadn’t been able to in years They prayed that all the nicotine would leave her body and that she would have no desire to smoke again. A middle aged man walked in to the rooms to receive encouragement. The team he was sent to told him things that only he could have known from 20 years ago. Then they gave him encouragement for today. He walked out knowing that God knows the secrets of his heart and knows all about what is happening to him in his life today and that he loves him and is going to get him through every wall of opposition. Something we all know but need to have the Father remind us occasionally when we are under great duress. Michael was found on the street by Cam, a team member. They began talking and he tried to share his faith but Michael wasn’t responding. Then he invited him to come to Portland Healing Rooms. Michael is of Inca and Spanish descent. He had been on the streets for 20 years after being raised by foster parents and experiencing rejection over and over again by foster parents. He said he knew that something has been watching over him all these years because he has never been harmed even though he lives on the streets. He was really hungry for truth and very sincere. The team shared the gospel with him and led him in a prayer of repentance and forgiveness to accept Christ. They prayed for him and gave him a little book of the Gospel of John and invited him to church. When he came out he was glowing and said he had made a decision to become a Christian and said he felt a load off of his shoulders. He also said that his knees were shaky and he felt different inside. His knees stayed that way for the remainder of the evening. He went to church the following evening and also to a special event called, “Generation Unleashed” for the next two days. A mother was healed of fear and stress. Couldn’t sleep from fear but after prayer was able to sleep for the first time in months. Lady came in with a neck and back injury from car accident years ago. She has not been without pain for 7 years. As she left she said she had no pain.

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