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  • June 05, 2023
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    Feb 08, 2016

    Reflections Dec 2009

    Thursday, December 31, 2009

    JULIE from Vancouver: Had constant pain for 1 1/2 years. She had bone spurs in her neck. Her hips were also off kilter. Before she came in into the room the team had prayer for her and received a word of knowledge that her hips were out of alinement and crooked and that her spine was crooked and that she would walk out of the room up right and straight. Her request was for bone spurs in her neck. They prayed for her neck and she was instantly healed. She felt heat in her neck like warm liquid. She got real hot and she felt the power of God go up her arm. Then the team prayed for her hips and she was instantly healed. One of the women prayed for her internal organs and the Lord told her she would start losing weight now. JAN from Salem: Had a surgery on her back and the doctor had cut a nerve by accident. This left her with constant pain running down her leg for 10 years - ever since the surgery. Two doctors told her that her legs were uneven. Her hips were uneven as well. When she came in the room the team leader saw her breast plate in the spirit and asked if there was something wrong with her chest. She said yes and that she had asthma. They laid their hands on her and prayed for her spine and her leg that the nerve be made new and what the enemy had tried to destroy God would reconnect. They prayed for her hips and they were instantly realigned. Her spine was straightened. She was happy and began rejoicing and walked around the room and bent over and the Lord began speaking to her saying she has been waiting for a long time and He has seen her tears and He will use her hands to minister to others. They then laid hands on her for her asthma and she was able to breathe easier and clearer. She continued to do things she couldn’t do before and praising God. A middle-aged woman suffering from MS was going to have to go into a home because she was no longer able to care for herself. Her pastor sent her and asked for a team to pray for her. When she received prayer she was deeply ministered to and received an immediate change in her body after prayer by Vicki and Susan. Her pastor reported last week that she is healed and is not going to have to go into a home and that her doctor has examined her and is measuring the improvements in her body in strength and balance and stamina. He has never seen anything like it. KEN from a local baptist church came in with terrible migraine and the pain left immediately after prayer. He also had pain in his feet constantly from nerve damage and constant throbbing and burning in the feet. Also a neck injury from a whip lash really bad. Vicki and the team prayed for his feet and the pain left and he said they felt good for the first time in many years. Bob prayed for his neck and the first time it was about half gone. So they prayed again and after the second time it was gone. The team then prayed for his kidneys because he said they were hurting. They spoke death to the disease that was causing calcium to leave the body and that God would drive out the spirit of infirmity and commanded the bones to fill in. Then they prayed over his back and pelvis and sacrum and his organs. He was feeling so much better that he began to praise God immediately. Lastly they prayed for his migraines and he felt the pain go instantly and said he hadn’t been without pain in his head of some kind for years. He lifted his arms and praised God and thanked Him as he left happy and full of joy. A young woman signed up to receive prayer for a wounded heart. She said she also needed prayer for US citizenship. When I, Vicki, called her to come to the room I saw that she struggled to get up out of the chair like she was in a lot of pain. I said, “Oh, you didn’t sign up for physical healing!” She said, “Yah, I just wanted to pray about my children.” So I took her to a room and we commanded the back to be healed, and the pain to go NOW in the name of Jesus! She looked genuinely surprised and said, “Oh, my! The pain is gone! We prayed again because we heard that the Lord said it wasn’t done. Then she looked really shocked! She said it’s all gone! She stood there with her mouth open for a moment then, she took her back brace off (we didn’t know that she had one on) and threw it away! She ran up stairs praising God. I told the waiting room area what had happened since they had all seen her struggle to get out of her chair to receive prayer and she told them her story. “I’ve heard about healing but have never seen anyone healed, and now I’ve been healed myself! Oh My! this is REALLY amazing!” The whole room saw the pain she was in and heard me ask her about her pain just a few moments earlier. They were rejoicing and praising God with her. That night three others were healed instantly that were in pain. More would have been healed but that was all that was there for physical healing that night. The others were there for various other needs. A young man 23 years old had pain in his knees since he was 8 years old. After receiving prayer he could do a full squat and get up with no pain at all. He was thrilled and ran out of the room praising God. “Our precious Lord has cleared up a major negative face in my life - my mother. I was able to forgive her with the strength of the Holy Spirit and the help of those praying with me. I am free if her negative influence in my life. Now I can build my life in a much happier and loving way with God as my Guide. I let go of the past anger and pain and I now feel the Joy of Jesus and my heavenly Father.” S. S. A lady around 30 years old came with symptoms of MS and couldn’t make a fist. She was feeble as she walked in and said she felt foggy in the head. She brought her husband with her to the room. He said she had not been able to grip his hand for many years. Her symptoms were that she would go numb on the left side and couldn’t sit up, she would slump to the ground if no one was there. She had had this for 9 years. When she left she could grip her husband’s hand and could squeeze his hand hard. As they went out the door she was walking very strong and sure of herself and I over heard her husband say, “What was that all about? What just happened?” and she said, “Jesus just healed me!” A young woman with a neck injury from a serious whip lash that happened from a fall while holding a baby and had also injured her sacral area. We prayed for her and she said the pain was all gone. She left full of joy that the Lord knew of her pain and loved her and had healed her. Loretta shares: Almost two years ago, I was scheduled to have back surgery. I came for prayer and was able to cancel the surgery. Thank You Jesus!!! I was healed of staff infection after prayer. I had to have a pick in my arm but now am totally healed and the pick is taken out. M. To my dear Christian Friends at Portland Healing Rooms: Last Tuesday I was greeted by a lovely lady who was a music teacher and a gentleman named Bob who is a school bus driver. I wish I could rememer their names. “Bob” is a little easier to remember because you have a 50/50 chance of being right. You have all contributed to my healing and growth in the Lord, but that eveing God gave my helpers just the right words to get through 58 years of emptiness and oppression. I felt the love of God for the very fisrt time. I’d known He loved me in my head. But that night and since then I have felt like a little girl sitting in the lap of Jesus being hugged, comforted, and loved beyond compare. He knew me better than I know myself - He created me and He was pleased. It’s been awhile getting that message and belief into my heart - and it’s just out of this world. Mosrt of you have seen my need for that and have chiseled away with prayer, love and scripture and power from the Holy Spirit. Thank you, thank you thank you. Melody Dougherty DON was healed of bone cancer after repeated prayer for a couple months. His doctor tested him and said, “It is gone. Totally gone!” also his knees were very bad and he was told he would never walk again. He is now walking everywhere. Every thing in my life is finally coming together, thanks to all of you, your prayers, you teaching and your encouragement. I feel much more at ease letting God’s light shime on me. Especially when I set down with my Bible and read a little and talk to God a lot, and learn to be quiet and just listen. I’m following what I hear and trusing that God probably knows what He’s talking about. I feels GREAT! And I’ve jsut begun to grow and glow. Thanks to God and you for helping carry His messages.

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