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  • June 05, 2023
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    Feb 08, 2016

    Reflections April 2010 Friday, April 30, 2010

    Lizzie: They prayed opver my back and my digestive system, and for peace. I felt an unusual calm and my mind came into peace. Then my back was being moved by the Holy Spirit back and forth realigning my back. My neck was more flexible and my whole back seemed to be aligned. So I tried to touch my toes and I found I could! I haven’t been about to do that for many years. Schizophrenia being healed. Older woman began hearing voices and seeing people that were not there. Each time she comes she is better in her awareness and more alert to others. Lady with bad ankle came in for prayer because she was in pain. After prayer the pain was all gone and she was full of joy. She had a vision that was very encouraging to her while the ministry team prayed for her. Diseased spine healed after 20 years of pain. The team prayed three times and he was healed. He walked out with no pain. Man with upset stomach healed and pain gone. Jewish lady was healed of fibromyalgia from neck to her feet in the name of Jesus. After prayer the pain was instantly gone, except feet. The team prayed again and it left her feet. She left bewildered trying to grasp what happened to her. Muslim walking by with a hand in his cast. He allowed us to pray for him. The team member prayed for his arm in the cast declaring that Jesus is Lord over the arm. He left happy. Lady in very severe pain with arthritis, after prayer had no more pain. She hugged us all and danced her way out. Man who was healed of depression in the rooms sent a testimony that his depression of the last two years was lifted off of him after prayer two weeks earlier. He wants to praise God for Portland Healing Rooms and all it does for people. We receive many letters of thanks for our ministry. They keep us going when we need it. There is little payment for this kind of ministry other than thankfulness of the saints and the joy of sharing and ministering alongside Jesus.

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