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  • June 05, 2023
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    Feb 08, 2016

    Reflections Jan 2010

    Sunday, January 31, 2010

    Dear Vicki, “Great News. After prayer I had my 3 month check up with the Neurologist yesterday. His report was very good. He did find that I am improving in many areas in my body. My strength, balance, balance with eyes closed are all better. I have been seeing him since November 2002 and this is the 1st TIME he has ever been able to say that! It is measurable and he has it documented from each visit. So I praise God for the healing of MS that IS Taking place! It is wonderful to have him be able to verify that I am improving. That is so awesome. So please pass this on to the prayer team that prayed for me. I praise God for what he is doing in my body & life.” Jackie MEGAN testifies that her left leg and right shoulder hurt all the time. She found herself limping often from an accident when she was 9 years old. She cut the heel of her foot open by stepping on scissors that were lodged in a floor. When she was 34 years old it became weakened and she fell on it hard and the pain hasn’t left since. It was beginning to affect her knee because of the way she was walking. She also had a second injury in her shoulder that was hurt when she was three. A family member jerked her very hard and she was sent to the hospital. It was out of alignment and would curve forward. She was always uncomfortable and she was beginning to wonder if she had arthritis. There didn’t seem to be anything they could do for her with either injury. Her doctor said there may be a really complicated surgery for her foot but it was too unreliable to know if it would work. He said it might be tendon damage from the original injury. Now after receiving prayer last week it’s as if it has never been injured. My foot looks straight and I can jump up and down on it without any pain. I’m really excited and amazed at it. I am just so in wonder that I don’t feel any pain. And it doesn’t pop anymore. Her knee used to pop every time it was bent. MELODY has had migraine headaches every single day since 1984. She has had to take multiple prescription medications because of the terrible pain. She also would get sick to her stomach from the intensity of the pain. After receiving prayer at Portland Healing Rooms she has learned how to pray from us as well as receive healing from the Lord while we pray. She now “has no more pain in her head. This is such a miracle to not have pain every day! It is total hell to have chronic pain and know, it’s coming on and not be able to do anything about it.” She hasn’t been able to bend over without throbbing in her head. Now she has no problem bending over to pick something up off the ground. It was so intense she actually contemplated suicide for awhile. She is going off the medication now with her doctor’s supervision. “It’s gone. It’s all gone!” A woman with atherosclerosis all her life is healed after receiving prayer at Portland Healing Rooms. The doctor says after testing her, “it’s all gone, it can’t be found. She must have never had it.” Though the doctors that diagnosed her were sure in their diagnosis all throughout her life. JEFF had helped pick up someone heavy and “blew out a disk in my lumbar L4 bone. I thought it would heal on it’s own. The pain began pulsating down both legs. It was killing the legs, and they were going numb. I ended up having to get surgery. I was still in pain and I was living on pain killers.” He came to Portland Healing Rooms and one of the men had a word of knowledge about his back problem and the intercessor’s hands got “burning hot like a furnace” so he laid his hands on him and prayed for his back. He is healed. “I got up the next morning and had no pain!” I forgave my father and I’m getting water baptized and my wife is going to enjoy it.

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